Saturday, May 28, 2005

Schooner Zodiac

Schooner Zodiac
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It was a life-long dream to sail, starting from the time my dad took me dinghy sailing as a child.

Many years later, we found a cruise (through our local Parks and Recreation office) on the Schooner Zodiac, sailing out of Bellingham, WA. Our junior-high-aged kids were under the usual minimum age, but the rules were bent once the crew met them and we climbed aboard. It was a wonderful week.

Later, we went back to volunteer while the Zodiac was in dry dock. Later still, I went back to crew. I still remember standing the 3am-to-6am watch in a small, protected bay, watching the sun rise above the water, listening to the ship move quietly at anchor.

It's a great ship, with a great crew. You should sign up for a cruise.

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